Window Tinting


No matter what you drive, To The Limit Motorsportz tinting services will give your vehicle a custom look that is sleek, tasteful, functional, and eminently cool.  Our service is performed in house not by third party applicators and is backed by lifetime warranty.


To ensure you receive the best looking result we use precision cut film which gives you clean even edges around the window that extend to the end of the window ensuring no gaps.  These kits are specifically cut to your vehicle year, make, and model.


To The Limit Motorsportz only uses Lifetime Warranty film which will not fade, discolor, or bubble. This film is available in 5%, 15%, 20%, 35%, 50%, and 70%. VLT and blocks 99% of harmful UV rays protecting you, your family, and the interior of your vehicle.


Rear Window Application: 

To The Limit Motorsportz applies the tint of most rear windows as one single piece, unlike many shops which use strips or multiple pieces.  This provides a cleaner more finished appearance while reducing the chances of peeling during cleaning or the notable gaps between each piece.

Benefits to Window Tint

  • Tint helps shield your eyes from glare and other forms of extreme light making it safer to drive.
  • Heat and UV Rays are blocked protecting the value of your vehicle as well as protecting you from the harmful UV Rays by blocking up to 99%.
  • Window tint can reduce the inside temperature by 60% which is crucial during the scorching summer months.
  • Being that the tint film covers and entire pain of glass when broken the film holds the glass together making it safer to the user if by chance the window gets broken, this also is a theft deterrent as it makes it more difficult for a thief to break through.


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