To The Limit Motorsportz offers Undercoating / Rust Proofing Services for general automobiles, road maintenance equipment, trailers, and more!  The system we use is centered around Berkebile Oil Company’s Protection First Class product which provides the ultimate protection against rust and corrosion!


Our service is an inexpensive alternative to traditional undercoating methods all while providing the ultimate protection.  Protection First Class (PFC) rust preventative remains soft and flexible, and actually heals itself and continues to coat long after other water soluble or solvent based products have evaporated or worn off.  Another great feature of PFC is that its translucent film is easy to see through and diagnose problems before they happen, unlike rubberized undercoating that masks the problem and allows rust to grow and spread under its surface!  It lasts for up to a year and is inexpensive to reapply.

undercoating gun setup

Why Use PFC Undercoating Applied by To The Limit Motorsportz?

The answer for that is easy!  The product speaks for itself because it is low in cost to have applied, self-heals instead of just rubbing off or cracking/ flaking off, is translucent so you can see it is doing its job and not corroding from underneath, and is not a dripping mess.  In addition to the great product we apply this product to all the know problem areas including the full chassis/frame and all the supporting suspension components and braces, fuel tanks and mounting straps, inside fender and wheels, bumper mounts and inner bumpers, tow hooks and mounts, inside rocker panels, inside doors, inside bed pockets, inside tailgates, all hinges, radiator supports, motor mounts, coil spring mounts, firewall, and the brake and fuel lines.

  • Low cost to apply compared to Traditional Undercoating
  • Remains soft and Self Heals overtime
  • No Dripping or Messes after after application
  • Translucent Film will not cover up potential damage
  • Safe for most surfaces including painted surfaces, rubber seals, synthetic plastics & more
  • Provides the ultimate protections from rust & corrosion

Other Uses:

snow-plow-image-for-pfcTo The Limit Motorsportz can provide rust and corrosion protection for Plow trucks, trailers, and road equipment by coating salt boxes, conveyor chain systems, snow plows and accessories.

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