TerraShield Paint Coating

TerraShield Ceramic Paint Coating

TerraShield Nano Ceramic is the most advanced consumer grade protective coating available for all of your outdoor vehicles and gear. The easy-to-apply coating creates a crystal clear nano-coating to protect against harmful outdoor elements and extremes.

The 9H Hydrophobic formula is hands down the best consumer coating on the market at protecting against the harsh environment and elements such as acid rain, bird droppings, bug guts, and UV Rays which wreak havoc on today’s soft paints.  All while increasing depth and a high gloss shine *except for when using Matte*

  • Ultra High Gloss for maximum appearance
  • Also, have a coating specific to Matte Finishes
  • 9H Hardness for extreme scratch resistance
  • 1200+ degree temperature resistance
  • Super Hydrophobic for water beading and shedding
  • Extreme Durability last for years.
  • Far Superior To Any Wax or Sealant. Stop Waxing Forever.

Protects: On-Road and Off-Road Vehicles, RV’s, ATV’s, Boats, Motorcycles, Snow Machines, Watercraft, Firearms, Trailers, Tractors, and Gear such as Helmets & More!

Safe On: Paint, Glass, Gel coat, Plastic, All Metals (polished or not), Chrome, Polished Exhausts, Vinyl Graphics, Plexiglass, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber and more.

TerraShield not only provides various coating options for your vehicle (30ml size, 50 ml size, complete application kits in both sizes, and an option for matte finishes) but they also have a line of products to maintain your vehicle.  

TerraShield Ceramic Paint Coating Wash
TerraShield Wash

TerraShield Wash is a great pH Balanced super concentrated soap shampoo. Developed to clean even the most soiled surfaces to remove grit, grime, oil, grease, and dirt quickly. TerraShield Wash will leave your outdoor toys looking like new with less effort so you can spend more time outdoors and less time cleaning! This product is 100% biodegradable and fragrance-free.

Just fill a bucket with water and a few ounces of soap to create a thick and rich wet wash solution or use with a foam cannon by filling the bottle up leaving enough room for 3-4 oz. of terra wash at the end.

TerraShield Ceramic Paint Coating Detailer Spray
TerraShield Detailer

TerraShield Detailing Spray keeps your outdoor vehicles, equipment and gear looking their best! The spray-on wipe off cleaner contains micro-waxes that cleans and shines in one easy step. The fragrance-free formula helps repel contaminants such as water spots and fingerprints and can be used on all surfaces including paint, gel-coat, plastic, rubber, glass, plexiglass, vinyl, and metals.

TerraShield Nano Ceramic Paint Coating
TerraShield Authorized Detailer

TerraShield Nano Ceramic Coatings deliver the most advanced protection for cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles. Call today to schedule your appointment with To The Limit Motorsportz at (724) 360-4043 or click here to send us an email for scheduling!

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