Paint Swirls, What Causes Them, and Why Professional Detailing is Worth The Money July 10, 2015 / Insights -

What are swirls, spider webs in your paint, and where do they come from you ask? Well Swirls and/or spider webs on the surface dull the look of your paint because they are thousands of micro-scratches being exposed which have a negative effect on the overall appearance of your vehicle surfaces. These will be noticed more on darker vehicles and can be seen in sunlight or under lights such as in a parking lot at night.

While there are several causes of swirls, the biggest reason is due to improper washing and drying techniques. This can be avoided by using accredited professional detailers that use proper products, or by learning the proper techniques and the correct products to use.

Now you may say well I go to the automatic or take it to the local dealer and get my vehicle hand washed.  We as professionals look at automatic car washers as swirl-o-matics. They use harsh chemicals and the ones that use brushes spinners just wreak havoc on your vehicles surfaces. This method also does not rid the vehicle of environmental fall out. Far as the hand washing goes without proper equipment and techniques such as cheap sponges and single bucket systems is just plain wrong. These systems can ruin a perfect finish in minutes. This is because keeping a proper finish takes more than a hose, bucket, and sponge and is also why TTLM provides professional detailing services that go beyond the sponge and bucket, which has gained them an A+ accreditation though the Better Business Bureau to better serve you.

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