News to Our Customers July 05, 2016 / Company News -

To The Limit Motorsportz is expanding! We have been working from our Saxonburg location now for 2 years. We are in the process of signing a long-term lease to keep us here longer. With that we have also started to provide undercoating services to our customers and have examined our other services to ensure we continue to better ourselves to provide the best to our customers and potential customers. We are going to eliminating our old Kittanning Phone Number at the end of this year and will be solely operating using our local shop number which is 724-360-4043 we have updated this in our contact information as well. We hope everyone understands and accepts our apology for any confusion this step may take but the decision was made to do it now so that it will not be as critical in the future as we grow our brand! Thank you for reading and for your support we look forward to working with all of you soon!

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