Benefits of Window Tint July 10, 2015 / Insights - Service Updates -

Not only does window tint dress up your vehicle, but it also provides many other benefits for you and your vehicle.

With that being said, let’s go over the benefits for you as the consumer. First, you will be happy to know that with window tint applied interior temperatures will be reduced. In addition to this, the tint will block out harmful UV Rays which are known to cause cancer. The film also protects you as a security measure as it makes breaking the window more difficult which deters thieves. This feature also helps protect you during incidents which would normally break a window by holding the glass together preventing the occupant from being cut.

Next, we need to look at the benefits tint provides for the vehicle. To start with, it improves the looks, however, besides appearance, it also prevents fading and aging of the interior by blocking UV Rays which is a feature we mentioned previously. This feature will also help retain vehicle value which in turns is another benefit to you as the consumer.

Now we understand laws as well as visibility is a concern. Tint is available in several shade percentages from as light as 70% to as dark as 2.5%. They all provide the benefits mentioned above as well as reduce the blinding glares from lights, the sun, and other distractions. The wide range of shades give you options to meet your visibility needs, create privacy, and can meet laws set in your area.

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